Business Advisers and Coaches

Regardless of your own particular skills and experience, we can help you get the right outcome for any client who is considering an exit from their business, growing by acquisition or thinking of selling their business to their management team in a management buyout.

We’re fully flexible in the way we work with all of our partners and always seek to work in a manner which ultimately delivers the best result for the business owner.

Yet, at the same time, we always endeavour to make the most of your existing relationship with your client, seeking out ways to most effectively combine your skills and experience with our own specialist knowledge.

Advisers without corporate finance skills and experience
Advisers with some corporate finance experience

Advisers without corporate finance skills and experience

A company sale is often the largest single financial decision a business owner takes in their life and the outcome can have lasting implications for themselves, their family and their staff. This makes it all the more important that they get the best possible professional advice for the transaction.

So if you don’t feel you have the necessary experience of managing and advising on company transactions then Dealmaker Toolkit is the perfect solution for you.

We can help by taking the role of lead deal adviser and engage directly with the business owner, but, at the same time, we’ll work in close partnership with you, so that you continue to maintain an active role throughout the transaction process.

Advisers with some corporate finance experience

If you’re already able to provide a client with a lead deal service, but don’t have the full range of skills and resources to give best possible advice in every situation then Dealmaker Toolkit can help.

For example, we have access to expensive mergers and acquisitions databases, allowing us to do a far more comprehensive and fruitful search for the best potential buyers on your behalf.

And even if you’ve already found a potential buyer, we can help by identifying alternative prospective buyers that may offer a better deal to you and your client.

This means you can provide a better service, while still retaining the role of lead adviser.

Our Dealmaker Toolkit offers a full menu of deal support services, from which you can pick and choose depending on your skills, experience and resources.