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Professional deal marketing with unrivalled confidentiality

Getting the best deal for your client means using professional marketing strategies to sell the opportunity effectively to high quality pre-qualified buyers.

Our buyer research service provides you with a list of the best quality buyers for your client’s company, who we think will have a strategic interest in making an acquisition, the financial resources to pay for your client’s company and a track record in completing transactions.

It is vital that the first contact with potential purchasers gets their interest and leaves the right first impression.

Information Memorandum
Confidential approaches
Email marketing

Information Memorandum

An Information Memorandum should be far more than simply a one-page summary sheet attached to the front of a set of accounts. It is a vital document in selling an acquisition opportunity and should be designed to persuade buyers to fully appreciate the benefits of acquiring your client’s business and encourage them to put forward a strong offer.

We have years of experience drafting Information Memoranda and know just how to exploit the full potential of this document to illustrate the investment opportunity to a prospective buyer.

We’ll bring out the key selling points and highlight the opportunities for future growth. But, at the same time, we’ll also help to prevent problems that could potentially derail a sale process – by highlighting and fairly presenting less favourable issues that a buyer might not otherwise discover until much further down the line.

We can guide you in drafting the Information Memorandum yourself, ensuring all the necessary regulatory notes are included and review the document prior to despatch to prospective buyers. Alternatively, we would be happy to write the document for you.

Drafting a professional, clear and compelling Information Memorandum can take many hours of skilled work, which includes interviews with the client, researching information about market growth and market trends and pulling together forecasts.

Confidential approaches

Contacting prospective buyers is a time-consuming task.

Done properly it entails making a personal approach to the key decision maker within each company – usually a board director.

It can be difficult to get to speak to key decision makers and can require several persuasive phone calls, letters and emails in order to establish a dialogue with the right person. It then takes the knowledge and skills of an experienced dealmaker to present the acquisition opportunity effectively, encourage their interest and establish a rapport.

We can arrange signature of non-disclosure agreements where prospective buyers are interested enough to find out more, and also organise the despatch of Information Memoranda.

And because you’d be using an outside dealmaker service to market the sale on your client’s behalf, it’s all the more difficult for any prospective buyer to guess the identity of your client, giving an enhanced level of client confidentiality.

Email marketing

For the sale of certain businesses, it may be appropriate to market the opportunity more widely using our email marketing tool.

Every week, we distribute a digest of 10–15 specially selected UK company sales to more than 11,500 UK mergers and acquisitions professionals, company directors and high net worth individuals with an interest in high-quality UK acquisition opportunities.

What’s more, we also retain details of every business featured in our weekly email on our searchable deal opportunities database, which prospective buyers can access via our Deal opportunities website.

And to keep track of enquiries, every time someone requests further information from our website they will receive an automated email response giving the prospect’s name and full contact details.

We can offer you an enhanced service, which is chargeable, where we can track enquiries, research respondents and arrange for non-disclosure agreements to be signed by interested parties who we assess to have a genuine interest in your client.