Financial / Wealth Advisers

We can help your clients to maximise the proceeds from the sale of their business

Your clients who own a company will almost certanly be relying on the proceeds from the sale of their company to fund life after their business, whether that is retirement or another venture.

Are you confident that your client is getting the best advice on how to maximise the proceeds they get from the sale of their company, and maximise their chances of securing a good offer?

Selling a business is a complex process and it is worthwhile for business owners and their existing advisers to seek out alternative sources of advice before making decisions on how to go about selling their company and who to appoint.

By talking to us, your client will get a wider view of their options, and will get all the advice they need to ensure the best possible return on the sale of their business and the maximum amount to invest towards a secure income in retirement.

In the event one of your clients wishes to sell their business, we would envisage taking the role of lead adviser and engage directly with them but would anticipate working closely with the financial adviser in the period prior to the company being actively marketed for sale and throughout the sale process, to ensure the client gets maximum returns from the proceeds of the sale of their company.