Our Ethos

Enabling you to give a better service to your clients

From our experience of running Strategic Corporate Finance, and providing lead deal advisory services to business owners, we realise that many other professionals who advise companies have very different needs when it comes to tapping into specialist corporate finance support for their clients.

So, in Dealmaker Toolkit, we came up with a more flexible and altogether better way to give professionals the specialist skills and resources they need when one of their clients wants to buy or sell a business.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Fully bespoke service

We tailor our service to your precise requirements. If you want us to provide a full lead deal advisory service on a company disposal, we can. But we also offer a modular suite of deal support services to supplement what you already offer. This could be the ideal solution for you, particularly if you:

With Dealmaker Toolkit, you’re free to select the areas where we can best supplement your skills.

Additional corporate finance resources

Advising on a company transaction is time consuming and, at times, all absorbing.

Let’s face it, not many advisers will have the time to devote to project-managing a company transaction on top of all their other regular client commitments. And many accountancy firms without a specialist corporate finance team will often have staff booked to their regular clients months in advance.

But, with Dealmaker Toolkit, you can delegate all the specialist corporate finance responsibilities, even at short notice, freeing you up to focus on the things you do best.

Unlimited access to M&A databases

Many accountants do have their own dedicated corporate finance teams. However, these are often limited to advising on management buyouts and transactions where a buyer or acquisition target has already been identified.

Deal volumes within most accountancy firms often do not justify subscribing to expensive mergers and acquisitions databases, which are crucial for full and extensive buyer or acquisition research.

By contrast, we have unlimited access to these databases. What’s more, we have the professional knowledge and experience of searching these databases regularly, to know how to get the most out of the valuable information they contain for the benefit of your clients.

Research tools

Enhanced client confidentiality

Details about which accountants work with which companies is easy to obtain from data filed at Companies House. This means that information you supply in a teaser, such as location, sector and size, may be all that’s needed for a third party to work out exactly who you’re acting for.

So approaching prospective buyers on a no-names basis and not disclosing identity of your client until confidentiality agreements have been signed may simply not be enough to safeguard your client’s confidentiality.

But Dealmaker Toolkit will add another layer of protection to your client’s confidentiality with us making initial approaches to prospective buyers on your behalf.

Confidentiality tools

Highly experienced dealmaking professionals

Dealmaker Toolkit offers you the highest level of corporate finance expertise from specialist dealmakers who have advised on 80 completed corporate transactions in the last 12 years.

We are a small team but each individual member is a highly qualified professional and each has many years’ hands-on experience in company transactions. We are all qualified accountants so we speak the same language as other professional advisers and work to the same code of ethics regarding client service.

About the company

Track record of results

We get results – we have completed a company transaction for virtually every client we have taken on.

When you work with us, you’ll be dealing with professionals that are interested only in what’s best for the client.

Whether in a lead advisory role and working in partnership with a trusted adviser or supplementing the skills, experience and resources of an existing trusted adviser and we always endeavour to give the best possible “lead adviser” service to your client.